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The Mother


Volume 13

October 21, 1972

Look how lovely!

(Mother gives Satprem a white lotus)

And you, Mother, how are you?

(after a long silence)

You see, I would either have to describe every single thing that keeps happening, or say nothing at all.

When I say nothing and just stay like this (gesture, open hands) ... in an attitude of absolute surrender, things go on well. But if the SLIGHTEST thing pulls me out of it, I feel... as if I were about to die.


When I am in that position, I get the feeling that... life is eternal.


And when I come out of it, there's a horrible discomfort. That's my condition.


Well, what do you want?

What you want.

(Mother plunges in till the end)

No news? Tell me whatever you like.

David, the young Italian who made a documentary on Sri Aurobindo, now wants to film “The Gold Washer.” But he wants to do it in the true spirit, with your help, showing how it inevitably leads to Sri Aurobindo and you.

Oh, very good! Very good.

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