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The Mother


Volume 13

October 28, 1972

What would you like?... Nothing?

Do you think I'm soon going to pass into another life?

Another life?

Yes, another consciousness, let's say.

(after a silence)

I wanted to ask you something. You know the mantra I gave you, I don't remember if the last word is Bhagavatee or Bhagavateh?

Bhagavateh, Mother.

Ah, Bhagavateh!... (Mother repeats the mantra) OM Namo Bhagavateh... like that.

Yes, Mother.


Did you notice how strong the mantra is on the subconscient? It has a great, great power over the subconscient.

I told you what a nuisance the subconscient is, didn't I?...

Oh, yes!

But, repeating that mantra has a great, great effect on it.


One mustn't... one mustn't... [get impatient]. If people can have trust....

Eating has become almost an impossibility, mon petit. In my case it's all right because I don't do anything, I am immobile all day, so if I don't eat it doesn't matter too much, but people who work and move and come and go must take care.

(Imploringly) Let me do the work.

I hope... I hope it will be useful to others.

It's become... it's become an almost unsolvable problem (Mother holds her throat): at times I can't even swallow.


I've found but one solution: What You want, Lord, what You want.... And what comes up from the subconscient is constantly met by: OM namo Bhagavateh, OM....


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