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The Mother


Volume 13

November 2, 1972

(Mother sees Sujata)

How is Satprem?

Quite well, Mother, I think.

And you, how are you going?

But I wanted to ask you: how is Mother going these days?

Mother isn't “going”! There's no longer any person to “go.”

Mother goes where the Lord wants her to go.


Do you understand my condition? One minute the body feels it is going to die; the next minute it feels immortal. So after that, one can't... one can't possibly say “how it's going.”

Do you understand?

Yes, little Mother, I think I do. Only, Mother, it's you who carry us along. So when we feel that things are working out for you, they work out for us also. That's how it is, isn't it?

Things always work out. I am convinced that whatever happens is willed by the Lord. It's only our impression that gets more or less warped by our ignorance.

Yes, Mother.


My feeling is that all words, even when they sound very wise, are just stupidities. That's all. It would be far better never to say anything (Mother puts her hand over her mouth). It belittles things so much, so, so much....

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