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The Mother


Volume 13

November 8, 1972

For a moment – just a few seconds – I had the supramental consciousness. It was so marvelous, mon petit!... I understood that if we were to taste that now, we would no longer want to exist differently. We are in the process of... (gesture of kneading dough) of changing laboriously. And the change, the process of change seems.... Yet you can grasp it in a kind of indifference (I don't know how to express it).

But it doesn't last long. As a rule it's... laborious.

But that consciousness is so marvelous, you know!

It's most interesting because there's a sort of EXTREME activity within complete peace.

But it lasted only a few seconds.

hands turned upwards)

And you?

Is it a total consciousness?

It's fabulous! Like a harmonization of all opposites. Yes, a total, fantastic activity together with... perfect peace.

But these are mere words.


Is this consciousness material?

The action is a material one – but not done in the same way, of course.


What helps make the contact with “that”?... What exactly makes you go across there or be there?

I don't know because I am constantly – my WHOLE consciousness, including that of the body, is always turned to the... (gesture of offering) to what it feels as the Divine.

And without “trying,” you follow?

Yes. Yes.

(Mother plunges in)

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