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The Mother


Volume 13

November 22, 1972

What do you wish?

Well, you know, I always wish to ask you how things stand.

Oh! Better not speak about that.

Yes. I understand it's a process ...


... that's infinite and....

Yes. Either I say everything or nothing at all. And saying everything is.... You know, there's both a constant effort and... (Mother opens her hands) every minute a discovery. So describing it would be endless, and also uninteresting.

Well, I'm not so sure about that! I'm not so sure!



The body consciousness is beginning to be wise, it too is saying with a great, great... more than sincerity, “Let Your Will be done.” People and their opinions and their way of seeing things seem so very ridiculous to it!

Yes, I can understand that.

Let Your Will be done.

Yes, to your vision, we must be swimming in an utterly absurd world ...

Absurd, an absurdity!

That I can understand very well: this whole physical world is absurd. Without a doubt.

And even the people!...


...whom you thought were wise, or people who have known you for so many years – their reactions seem so absurd!

So ... (Mother opens her hands) let Your Will be done.

Naturally the body understands very well (it never doubts that His Will will be done: it is ALWAYS done), but let us be... let us not be an obstacle to that Will or a complication: let us allow things to be done luminously and peacefully – consciously, luminously, peacefully... all-encompassingly.

Let us not be part of the obstacles. Let us be... (Mother opens her hands) let the supreme Wisdom pass, pass through... something that is not an extra obstacle. That's all.

(Mother plunges in)

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