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The Mother


Volume 13

December 6, 1972

(The night of the 5th, a violent cyclone struck Pondicherry. At Nandanam, in the middle of the devastated garden, a white hibiscus bloomed. Satprem places the flower on Mother's knees.)

A “Grace” flower bloomed in the thick of the cyclone, Mother.


(One can hear the axes hacking away at the broken branches of the great yellow flame tree called “Service,” which spreads its foliage above Sri Aurobindo's tomb.)

The tree that gave me all my “Transformation” flowers [from Satprem's garden] is broken. The “Service” tree also: some of its branches have been torn off.

Usually it didn't come this way....

The consciousness must have sunk a lot... quite a lot.


Some curious things are happening: the consciousness is clearer and vaster than it has ever been – a vast, vast vision... and very precise: I know things happening at a distance (without thinking: they just come). But my memory is ab-so-lu-te-ly gone. I don't know – half an hour later, I've already forgotten what I did. Absolutely forgotten.


The consciousness of the Presence – the Presence everywhere, in everything....

(Mother plunges in then comes back to give Satprem the “Grace” flower)

Mon petit....

I would like the Grace of belonging exclusively to you.

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