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The Mother


Volume 13

December 13, 1972

Weren't we supposed to have a meditation?

A meditation?

Yes, Mother, you said you wanted to try an experiment with me. You said you wanted to take me with you into that consciousness....

Would you like to?

Yes, if you'd like to!

Well, personally, I am always there. So.... What's difficult for me is to become conscious of the world as it is.

What did I tell you last time?

You said you wanted to try an experiment. You wanted to take me with you into that consciousness to see my sensation.

Ah! Very good. Now?

Yes, rather!

Give me your hand.

(Mother takes Satprem's hand for a moment
then plunges in for a full hour)

How do you feel?... Did you feel something?

First, a lot of power, a lot, as always. But only towards the end did I feel a kind of... something eternal – I don't know. Do you think I followed you a little?

(Mother nods her head) Yes, quite well. Quite well.

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