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The Mother


Volume 13

December 16, 1972

(Mother gives Satprem an egg)

I have nothing.... I've become poor!

Then the world is poor!

(Mother laughs) How are you?

Quite well, Mother, yes, quite well.

Inside, I know.

What does the world look like to you from that other consciousness?

(Mother does not seem to have heard the question)

As I told you: I am happy – are you satisfied?

Oh, yes! Certainly!

Well, there you are; it's true.

I find you are making progress.

Ah, God willing!

Shall we go there together?

Yes, Mother! But Id like to be able to follow you.

(Mother smiles, making a gesture of pulling Satprem with a rope)

Hem!... I'll pull you!

Good, then!

then Mother opens her eyes as if she were about to speak)

What is it, Mother?

(Smiling) I saw you: you had become very young. Like a twenty-year-old.

(Mother plunges in again)

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