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The Mother


Volume 13

December 20, 1972

Do you have anything to ask?

I had a question about Sri Aurobindo. I was wondering what stage he had reached when he left – what stage in the transformation? For instance, what difference is there between the work you are doing now and what he was doing at the time?

He had accumulated a great deal of supramental force in his body, and as soon as he left he.... He was on his bed, you see, and I was standing beside him, and all the supramental force that was in him passed quite concretely from his body into mine – so concretely that I thought it was visible. I could feel the friction of the passage. It was extraordinary – extraordinary! It was an extraordinary experience. It went on for a long, long time like this (gesture of the Force passing into Mother's body). I was standing beside his bed, and it passed into me.

Almost physical – it was a physical sensation.

It lasted a long time.

That's all I know.

But what I want to understand is at what stage he was in the inner work – for example, cleansing the subconscient and all that? What difference is there between the work he had done at the time and where you have reached now, if you will? I mean, is the subconscient less subconscious or...?

Oh, yes! Certainly, certainly!

But that is the mental way of looking at things, you see – I don't have it anymore.

Yes, Mother.


Perhaps the difference lies in the general or collective intensity of that Power, that Force?

There is a difference in the POWER of the action.

He himself – he himself has a greater action, a greater power or action now than when he was in his body. Besides, that's why he left – because it had to be done that way.

It's very tangible, you know. His action has become very tangible. Of course, it isn't something mental at all. It is from another region. But it isn't ethereal or – it's tangible. I could almost say material.

I've often wondered about the right inner movement needed to go into that other region. There are basically two possible movements: a movement inwards in the direction of the soul, as it were, and a movement of annihilation of the individuality, in which you are in a sort of impersonal vastness.

Both are needed.



(Mother plunges in)

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