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The Mother


Volume 13

December 30, 1972

(Mother distributes presents)

So, a new year is coming....

Do you have a feeling about the new year?

(after a silence)

Things have taken an extreme form. There's a sort of lifting of the whole atmosphere towards an almost... inconceivable splendor, but at the same time, there's a feeling that one can... die any moment – not “die,” but the body could dissolve. Both things together make up a consciousness in which... (Mother shakes her head) all past experiences seem puerile, childish, unconscious. And this... is stupendous and wonderful.

But the body, the body has a single prayer – always the same:

Make me worthy of knowing You

Make me worthy of serving You

Make me worthy of being You


I can barely eat anymore, and I am not hungry. I feel a growing strength in me... but new in quality... in silence and contemplation.

Nothing is impossible (Mother opens her hands upward).


So if you don't have any questions to ask.... If you want silence... conscious silence...?

But am I making the right movement, I'm not sure?

Well, when you want to come into contact with the Divine, what movement do you make?

I place myself at your feet.

(Mother smiles, takes Satprem's hands and plunges in for half an hour)

Did you feel something?

I was offered to the Sun.

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