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The Mother


Volume 13

February 8, 1973

(This is an extract from a meeting with a few teachers from the school. We owe these recordings to the kind cooperation of one of them.)

What is the best way of preparing ourselves? For one clearly feels that all this is going to require a rather extensive preparation.

To broaden and enlighten your consciousness, naturally. But how to do that?... How do you broaden and enlighten your consciousness? If each one of you could find his psychic being and unite with it, all problems would be solved.

The psychic being is the Divine's representative in the human being. It's true, you know: the Divine isn't something far-off and out of reach; the Divine is within you, but you aren't fully conscious of it. You have rather... so far it is acting more as an influence than a Presence. It must become a conscious Presence, so at each moment you can ask yourselves how... how the Divine sees.

That's how it is: first, how the Divine sees; then, how the Divine Wills... then, how the Divine does. It has nothing to do with going off to inaccessible regions: it's RIGHT HERE. Although, for the moment, all the old habits and the general unconsciousness have put a sort of lid on it, which prevents us from seeing and feeling. We must... we must lift that, lift it off.

Basically, we must become conscious instruments... conscious... conscious of the Divine.

Normally it takes an entire lifetime, or even several lives in some cases. But here, in the present conditions, you can do it in... a few months. Those who have an ardent aspiration can do it in a few MONTHS.

(Mother remains concentrated for a few moments)

Did you feel anything?

(One of the teachers:) Was there a special descent?

There is no “descent”! That's another wrong idea. There is no “descent.” It's something that is ALWAYS here, but you just don't feel it. There is no descent, that's a completely wrong idea.

Do you know what the fourth dimension is?

We have heard about it....

Have you experienced it?

No, Mother.

Oh, but it's precisely the best example modern science can offer – the fourth dimension. The Divine is the fourth dimension for us. It... belongs to the fourth dimension. It's everywhere, you see – always everywhere. It doesn't come and go: it's always there... everywhere. It's we, it's our stupidity that keeps us from feeling it. There's no need to go off anywhere... no need at all, none at all.

To be conscious of your psychic being, you must be able to have felt the fourth dimension, felt it once, otherwise you cannot know what it is.... Oh, Lord!

It's been seventy years since I've known what the fourth dimension is – more than seventy years.


Indispensable, it's indispensable. Life begins with that. Otherwise, you are in falsehood – in a hodgepodge of confusion and ignorance.... The mind! The mind! The mind!

Otherwise, to be conscious of your own consciousness, you must mentalize it. It's dreadful, dreadful!

There you are.

This new life isn't the continuation of the old one, is it Mother, it has to spring up from within.

Yes! Yes!

There is no common ground between the two....

There is – there is, but you aren't conscious of it. You must... you must... it's the mind that prevents you from feeling it. One Must BE, you see. All you do is mentalize everything – everything. What you call “consciousness” is thinking things out; that's what you call consciousness. But that's not it at all! That's not consciousness. Consciousness... should be wholly lucid and WORDLESS.

(Mother closes her eyes)

Like that... everything becomes luminous and warm and... STRONG!

And peaceful... a true peace, which is not inertia or immobility.

Mother, can we give this as an objective to all children?

All... no! They are not all the same age, even when they are the same physical age. Some children are primitive. One should.... You see, if you yourself were fully conscious of your psychic being, you would know which children are psychically developed. Some children have only an embryonic psychic – the age of the psychic varies enormously. Normally, it takes several lives for the psychic to become completely formed, and it's the psychic that passes from one body to another; that's why we aren't conscious of our past lives – because we aren't conscious of our psychic being. But sometimes, at some MOMENT the psychic being participated in a particular event, it became conscious; and that creates a memory. Sometimes you may find you have a partial recollection of something, the fleeting memory of a circumstance or event or thought, or even of an action.... It's because the psychic was conscious of it.


What would you, I am nearing my hundredth year – it's only five years away – and I started my effort to become conscious when I was five. It's a fact. That's telling you.... And I am going on, and it is going on. Now, of course, I have come to doing the work in the cells of the body, but the work started long ago.

I don't mean to discourage you, but only to tell you it isn't done in a wink!

The body... the body is made of a substance that is still very heavy. It is the substance itself that must change for the Supermind to manifest.

That's all I can say.

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