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The Mother


Volume 13

February 28, 1973

(For the last ten days, the “conversations” have been spent in silence and contemplation – I have the impression that Mother wants me to understand something by another means. But what? Furthermore, the attendant is now almost constantly in the room. She no longer bothers to pretend being in the bathroom. She breaks in on the conversation, offers her own comments – of course, since Mother “can't hear.”... People go in and out of Mother's room as they please, and continue their own conversations. The atmosphere is quite changed This is perhaps why Mother tries to establish another type of communication with me, another kind of link. But silence... is very silent. And I did not realize what was fast approaching before my very eyes.)

So?... How are you?

I don't know too well.

Not too well?

I don't know.

(Mother laughs)

One feels one doesn't in the least know what path one is treading.

Neither do I!... Neither do I.

But I know it's on purpose. I am not worried, because I know it's on purpose. We have a mental way of knowing, which is worthless – truly worthless. As Sri Aurobindo said, it goes from falsehood to truth – whereas the Supramental goes from truth to truth. And it has nothing to do with the mental approach. That I know. When I am completely still, with no one here and none to disturb me, then... (Mother closes her eyes) a certain condition comes... and you feel that if that developed, it... (Mother smiles silently).

You enter a luminous immensity... devoid of any questions.

(Mother takes Satprem's hands and plunges in)

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