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The Mother


Volume 13

March 14, 1973

(Extracts from a meeting with the schoolteachers. The subject is the school squabbles and rivalry among groups of teachers.)

I can't make head or tail of these things.... I can no longer be of any help, you see, because all these mental combinations don't make any sense to me anymore.

A spirit of confusion has entered the school, I find.

They all mean the same thing, but they use different words, and the words... clash. Personally, I know they have very similar aspirations, but each one speaks in his own language, and the languages are at cross-purposes, so they quarrel over nothing. That's the situation!

I think the best would be for everybody to keep quiet for a while.

I too never had any problems with the people around me, but now we seem to speak different languages.


But the effect on me is odd: I have the impression that I am ill -there's nothing wrong with me, I am in good health, yet I have a constant impression of being ill.

The truth is, it's the transition from the ordinary mental consciousness to the supramental consciousness. The mental consciousness panics in the presence of the supramental consciousness. The vibration is so different I feel one could die every minute. Only when I am very tranquil do I....

The old consciousness (which isn't at all a mental consciousness, but anyway...), the old consciousness keeps repeating its mantra – there is a mantra – it keeps repeating its mantra, which makes a sort of backdrop, a contacting point. It's very peculiar. But beyond that, there's something full of light and force, but it's so new that... it causes almost a panic. And if it does that to me, with the long experience I have... if it has the same effect on others, I think we'll all end up lunatics! Well.

I think we have to remain very tranquil if we don't want to lose the thread!

(There follows a long discussion by the teachers)

But our language is... there's like a cloche over it, a mental cloche it doesn't want to free itself from.

It is truly a difficult time. I think we should be very, VERY TRANQUIL – very tranquil.

(Mother turns to one of the teachers and to all the teachers)

I will tell you my old mantra. It keeps the outer being very tranquil: OM, Namo, Bhagavateh.... Three words.

To me they meant:

OM: I implore the Supreme Lord.

Namo: I obey Him.

Bhagavateh: Make me divine.


This, I found, has the power to calm everything.

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