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The Mother


Volume 13

March 28, 1973

(That day, Satprem had the inner perception that a new phase was beginning, that Mother was “withdrawing” more and more within. Effectively, a few days later, on April 7, she stopped seeing almost everybody, except the few regular disciples.)

Are you eating enough?

Yes, Mother.

What news?

Are things progressing?

I suppose so.

I turn my consciousness towards myself as little as possible, because... the sensation is VERY unpleasant.

Things are tolerable only when I am turned exclusively towards the Divine and the material consciousness repeats, OM Namo Bhagavateh... Like that. Like a backdrop to everything.

OM Namo Bhagavateh...

You know, a backdrop you can use as a physical support.

OM Namo Bhagavateh...

(Mother plunges in for 40 minutes)

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