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varuṇa, Varuna

sovereign King Varuna, the god of infinite Consciousness-Existence, of the Waters, expressing Wideness and Peace, Lord of Law of Works, having clear discrimination, never erring, to the Truth rivers of Varuna stream, do not fatigue, do not unyoke, 2.28.4; Varuna holding firmly the law of his workings, perfect in will has sat within in the rivers for sovereign reigning, 1.25.10; Varuna holding firmly the law of his workings, 1.44.14, 2.1.4; for undeviating laws of workings stand on Thee like on rock, 2.28.8; the son of infinite Aditi, bright, clean, free from crookedness, from defect, from harm, 2.27.2, he, purifying, looks on struggle, on living beings, 1.50.6. In thy law of works let us be full of bliss, perfect in thought, O Varuna, 2.28.2. O Varuna, be gracious, 1.25.19; knower, invincible, do release, do loose bonds, 1.24.13; do remove the sins that have been done, 1.24.14. He make perfect thought full of lucidity, 1.2.7; wakes us to knowledge, 1.43.3, straight leading Varuna, 1.90.1, makes wisdom-word, he, knowing the path, 1.105.15, your gift, O Varuna, O Mitra, is hundred cows of supramental perceptions, 1.122.7; O Mitra and Varuna, you rule over thoughts of seer, 1.151.6, Varuna, destroying enemies, 1.2.7, 1.26.4, has became the protector, 1.23.6. That man, whom conscious knowers, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, guard, he is never be crushed, 1.41.1.

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