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vasu, wealth

Consciousness, Knowledge, Force, Bliss, that come from the highest Truth of Being; they are in their origin sat-cit and mayas, or in a language of Vedanta – sat-cit-ānanda. “Of these three things all that exists is constituted and we attain to their fullness when we arrive at the goal of our journey.” (CWSA.– Vol.15.– 1998, 349 p.)

See also:

•  plenitude (vāja)

•  Vasu (vasu)

Synonyms and words close in meaning:

•  bṛhadrayi, having vast wealth

•  citrāmagha, full of various riches

•  dhana, wealth

•  dhanadā, giver of riches

•  dhanaspṛt, bringing the riches

•  dhanin, wealthy

•  draviṇa, wealth, treasure

•  draviṇas, wealth

•  draviṇoda, giving wealth

•  draviṇodas, giver of wealth

•  mahādhana, great wealth

•  prabhūvasu, thee of riches born into the world

•  purūvasu, having many riches

•  rādha, wealth

•  rādhas, riches, wealth

•  rai, riches, wealth

•  ratnadhā, giver of bliss-wealth

•  rāyaskāma, desiring wealth

•  rayi, wealth

•  revat, opulent; the wealth

•  revati, opulent

•  sudraviṇas, having good wealth

•  surādhas, Suradhas; having good riches

•  tuvimagha, having many riches

•  vāravat, bringing desirable goods

•  vārya, desirable wealth

•  vasavāna, master of riches

•  vasudeya, for the giving of wealth

•  vasuvid, finding wealth

•  vasuvittama, most of all discovering riches

•  vasūyu, seeking the wealth

•  vasyaiṣṭi, seeking for the greater riches

•  vasyas, greater wealth

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