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aryaman, Aryaman

Aryaman, Aditya, enjoying lucidity rapturous god, 6.48.14, deliverer, full of Bliss, 6.50.1, of mighty Will, 7.36.4, making man to go by path, 1.136.3. Aryaman and Varuna make path discernible, 4.55.4. Rapturous Kings of Immortality, Aryaman, Mitra and Varuna, 10.93.4, fill skin in womb of Heaven, 1.79.3, Heaven is their shining home, 1.136.2, they increased in dwelling of the Truth, 7.60.5, charioteers of the Truth, 7.66.12, they feed us by milk of the Truth, lead by most direct paths of the Truth, 1.79.3, easy is their path for walk, not thorny, straight, 2.27.6, they destroy enemies, 1.26.4, together they kindle Agni, 1.36.4, that man whom they guard, he is never crushed, 1.41.1; they together with Indra settle down in Wisdom-Word of Brihaspati, 1.40.5, and establish offering, rik, 7.66.11, they together with Indra spread great illumination, wide peace, benevolent light of Aditi, 7.82.10.

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