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On vibrations


Vibrations are of consciousness. Naturally they have a quality of their own depending upon the stage of the consciousness to which they belong. And these qualities are revealed by the hues and colors which lend themselves to be photographed by the latest techniques. This phenomenon of qualities reflected in the colors is not something new that has been discovered. Those who have studied the phenomenon of auras know how the aura changes its hue according to the thought or feeling of the person concerned.

To put it simply, an aura is a condensation of the vibrations emanated by a person. This takes form on the subtle-physical level of existence and those who have a sensitive eye can see it. The theosophists have gone deep into the subject and produced many interesting research treatises. They record, for instance, that if the person is full of envy his aura at the moment tends to be green. Yellow indicates predominance of thought-activity. Red signifies materiality and so on.

Are the vibrations neutral? Or are they good and bad? Yes, there are good, nourishing, vibrations; there are evil, negative, destructive ones too. Scientists may not have yet designed machines to ascertain this feature of vibrations. but it is self-evident to one's consciousness if only one is attentive. Evil vibrations are cold, eerie and produce an uneasiness in a normal person who is exposed to them. Of course they will have the opposite effect on those who are evil by nature. They strengthen those proclivities. Good vibrations are always warming, add to the cheer of the mind and bring in brightness to life. It is learnt that even bright light if it emanates from an evil or destructive source is cold in its impact, ice-cold.

Children are the best barometers in this matter. They react instinctively to the quality of the vibrations that come in their atmosphere. They even fall ill if the negative vibrations are strong. They riot in delight if powerful vibrations from healthy persons touch them.

There is mention of holy vibrations in a place of worship. It is not and need not be always so. There are powerful, spiritually helpful vibrations only if someone with high spiritual consciousness has established the Centre and the purity of the atmosphere has been maintained by those who look after the upkeep. The quality of purity, peace, elevation etc. can be - and usually is - very much diluted by the grossness of the desires and prayers of the devotees who flock to the place. In these matters the Installation - its manner and author - is important.

Another point. Sensitive instruments are known to have recorded the subtle-material forms of the spirits during certain seances. Similarly they speak of the exit of energy vibrations at the time of death. These relate to the subtle body which leaves the physical sheath at the moment of death. The phenomenon of death is itself a separate subject that has excited a good deal of morbid interest in the West. Suffice it to note that the death of the body is not the end of things. The spirit of the person may continue to exercise its influence in the atmosphere, if it chooses. This is the explanation of what happens in haunted houses or room, tendency for suicide in spots where a suicide has taken place. The vibrations during the last moment are so intense that they do not dissolve with the event. They form themselves into a force and continue to exert themselves in the locale. They may re-enact the exact happening that preceded the sudden death; they may work in a vengeful spirit causing chaotic incidents disturbing the whole area. It may be noted that the person concerned is not there all the time; he has to depart from the scene sooner or later. It is the formation that has taken shape, constituted by the vibrations - gross and subtle -emanated during the last hours or moments, that continues to be active till it is either dissolved by a superior Force or it disintegrates by itself in the passage of time.