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A bald man, goes the story, when the noon
Ill Luck: On Fate

A Beauty infinite, an unborn Power
A Beauty Infinite / By Jyotirmayee (c.1902-?)

A Flute of farewell calls and calls.
Farewell Flute / By Dilip Kumar Roy (1897-1980)

A God concealed in mountain majesty,
The Birth of the War-God. The 3-d rendering

A God concealed in mountain majesty
The Birth of the War-God. Canto One. The 2-nd rendering

A God mid hills northern Himaloy rears
Bhagavad Gita

A God mid hills northern Himaloy rears
The Birth of the War-God. Canto One. The 1-st rendering

A heart unpitying, brawling vain and rude,
Evil Nature: On the Wicked

A little and a little now...
Songs of Bidyapati. 7. Alterantive version

A little and a little now...
Songs of Bidyapati. 7

A new Brindaban I see...
Songs of Bidyapati. 37

A serpent in a basket crushed despaired,
A Parable of Fate: On Fate

A shining grace the damsel’s face...
Songs of Bidyapati. 19

A spiritless dull block call modesty;
Virtue and Slander: On the Wicked

A wide interminable forest. Most of the trees

Ah how shall I her lovely body express...
Songs of Bidyapati. 9

Ah nurse, what will become of us? This old...
Jnanadas. 2

Ah sweet, thou hast not understood my love,...
Nindu Babu. 14

Ah, who has built this girl of nectarous face...
Songs of Bidyapati. 10

All day and night in lonely anguish wasting...
Horu Thakur. 7

All day within me only one music rings...
Songs of the Sea. 9 / Chittaranjan Das

All varying Scriptures that the earth divide,
The Universal Religion: On Wisdom

Alpha of all letters the first,
The Kural / By Tiruvalluvar (early centuries  of our era)

And before Krishna’s face to great Arjoon
The Book of the Assembly Hall

Angry beauty, be not loth!...
Songs of Bidyapati. 41

As the swan sails, so moved she...
Songs of Bidyapati. 15

At the day-end behold the Golden Daughter of Imagination –
Golden Daughter / By Nirodbaran (1903-)

At the mobile passion of thy tread the cold snows faint and fail,
Lakshmi / By Dilip Kumar Roy (1897-1980)

Avoid the evil man with learning crowned.
The Human Cobra: On the Wicked


Be not a miser of thy strength and store;
The Beauty of Giving: On Wealth

Beautiful Radha, Caanou dost thou see not...
Jnanadas. 6

Beautiful Rai, the flower-like maid...
Songs of Bidyapati. 24

Beauty stood bathing in the river...
Songs of Bidyapati. 22

Behold a wonder mid the sons of men!
A Miracle: On Wealth

Behold the water’s way,– on iron red
The Power of Company: On Virtue

Behold, the perfect-gloried dawn has come...
Songs of the Sea. 7 / Chittaranjan Das

Being fortunate, how the noble heart grows soft
The Softness and Hardness of the Noble: On Virtue

Better to a dire verge by foemen borne,
Death, not Vileness: Miscellaneous Verses

Better were this, to roam in deserts wild,
A Choice: On Fools and Folly

Bow ye to Karma who with puissant hand
The Might of Works: On Karma

Brihuspathy his path of vantage shows,
Fate Masters the Gods: On Fate

Burns on that other shore the mystic light...
Songs of the Sea. 39 / Chittaranjan Das

But now in spheres above whose motions fixed
The Birth of the War-God. Canto Two / Kalidasa

But one God to worship, hermit Shiv or puissant Vishnu high;
The Proud Soul’s Choice: Miscellaneous Verses

But Sita all the while, unhappy child,
The Wife

By water and sweet milk example Love.
Water and Milk: On Virtue


Caanou to see I had desire...
Songs of Bidyapati. 12

Cast birth into the nether Hell; let all
The Prayer to Mammon: On Wealth

Cease never from the work thou hast begun
Gods: On Firmness

Cease, clouds of autumn, cease to roll...
Nindu Babu. 9

Childhood and youth each other are nearing...
Songs of Bidyapati. 1

Childhood and youth, maiden, are met...
Songs of Bidyapati. 4

Childhood is fled and youth in its seat...
Songs of Bidyapati. 8

Childhood is flown, youth arrived...
Songs of Bidyapati. 8. Alterantive version

Company of good men is a very soil
Good Company: On Wisdom

Coshala by the Soroyou, a land
An Aryan City


Dawn has become to me a golden fold...
Songs of the Sea. 6 / Chittaranjan Das

Day by day her milk-breasts drew splendour...
Songs of Bidyapati. 2

Dear as his own sweet mother to the man
Truth: Miscellaneous Verses

Dive if thou wilt into the huge deep sea,
Fixed Fate: On Karma


Earth is hemmed in with Ocean’s vaster moan;
Man Infinite: Miscellaneous Verses

Easily shalt thou the ignorant appease;
The Middle Sort: On Fools and Folly

Eloquence in the assembly; in the field
The Noble Nature: On Virtue

Ere I had taken half my will of joy...
Nindu Babu. 11

Evening has fallen upon the world; its fitting tone...
Songs of the Sea. 35 / Chittaranjan Das

Evening has not descended yet, fast sets the sun...
Songs of the Sea. 33 / Chittaranjan Das

Eyes of the hind, you are my jailors, sweetest...
Nindu Babu. 1


Father nor mother, daughter nor son are mine,
Bhavani: Miscellaneous Verses

For all ill things there is a cure; the fire’s
The Great Incurable: On Fools and Folly

For mastery of word and sense I bow to the Pair close-wedded...
The Line of Raghu

Freely the sun gives all his beams to wake
The Nature of Beneficence: On Virtue


Go, with strong violence thy jewel tear
Obstinacy in Folly: On Fools and Folly

Good be the act or faulty, its result
Foresight and Violence: On Karma

Greed if thou hast, thou art of sin secure:
Realities: On the Wicked


Hadst thou been never born, Rama, my son,
A Mother’s Lament

Happiness is nothing, sorrow nothing. He
The Man of High Action: On Firmness

Hard is the courtier’s lot who fain would please.
The Hard Lot of the Courtier: On the Wicked

Hark how round you the instruments sound!...
Songs of Bidyapati. 39

Hast thou remembered me at last, my own...
Nindu Babu. 18

Have mercy for all men, for thy own race
Worldly Wisdom: On Wisdom

He fosters, King, the calf who milks the cow,
Advice to a King: On Wealth

He is a son whose noble deeds and high
The Three Blessings: On Virtue

He who has wealth, has birth; gold who can spill,
Wealth the Sorcerer: On Wealth

He whom I woo makes with me no abiding...
Nindu Babu. 8

Hear the whole Gospel and the Law thereto: –
The Aryan Ethic: On Virtue

Hearken to the ancient converse of which old traditions tell,

Here there is light, - is it darkness on thy farther shore...
Songs of the Sea. 38 / Chittaranjan Das

Here Vishnu sleeps, there find his foes their rest;
Altruism Oceanic: On Virtue

Hide now thy face, O darling white...
Songs of Bidyapati. 34

Homage to him who keeps his heart a book
Description of the Virtuous: On Virtue

How could I know that he was waiting only...
Nindu Babu. 16

How like are these whose labour does not cease,
Statesman and Poet: Miscellaneous Verses

How many aeons hast thou flowed like this...
Songs of the Sea. 29 / Chittaranjan Das

How much thou didst entreat! with what sweet wooing...
Nindu Babu. 15

How rare is he who for his fellows cares!
The Altruist: On Virtue

How shall I tell of Caanou’s beauty bright...
Songs of Bidyapati. 11


I bow to thee, Mother,
Hymn to the Mother = Bande Mataram: Translation in Prose

I did not dream, O love, that I...
Nindu Babu. 19

I Dreamed a Dream
I Dreamed a Dream / By Andal (VIII cent.)

I have no art of speech, no charm of song...
Songs of the Sea. 8 / Chittaranjan Das

I have seen a girl no words can measure...
Songs of Bidyapati. 28

I know him by the eyes all hearts that ravish...
Horu Thakur. 4

I lean to thee a listening ear...
Songs of the Sea. 2 / Chittaranjan Das

I said in anger, “When next time he prays...
Nindu Babu. 13

I saw not to the heart’s desire...
Songs of Bidyapati. 20

I saw the brilliant moon eclipsed, the sun
Fate Masters All: On Fate

I will lay bare my heart’s whole flame...
Jnanadas. 7

If men praise thee, O man, ’tis well; nor ill,
The Immutable Courage: On Firmness

If some day by some chance God thought this good
Noblesse Oblige: Miscellaneous Verses

If the heart’s hope were never satisfied...
Nindu Babu. 3

In elder’s eyes’ she brooks not stay...
Songs of Bidyapati. 6

In her beautiful face did use...
Songs of Bidyapati. 18

In highest heavens the Ganges’ course began;
Facilis Descensus: On Fools and Folly

In the spring moonlight the Lord of love...
Songs of Bidyapati. 40

In this hushed evening on thy billows grey...
Songs of the Sea. 34 / Chittaranjan Das

In true sweet love what more than utter bliss is...
Nindu Babu. 20

In vain my hands bale out the waves inleaping...
Jnanadas. 3.

India, my India, where first human eyes awoke to heavenly light,
Mother India / By Dwijendralal Roy (1863-1913)

Insulted, wronged, oppressed the unshaken mind,
The Flame of the Soul: Miscellaneous Verses

Into the hollow of whose hand my heart...
Nindu Babu. 17

It is not armlets that adorn a man,
The Real Ornament: On Wisdom

It is not beauty’s charm nor lineage high,
Karma: On Karma


Kind to be, yet immutably be just;
The Narrow Way: On Wisdom

Knowledge is nobler beauty in a man
The Praises of Knowledge: On Wisdom

Knowledge is truest wealth, not this which dies,–
True Wealth: On Wisdom


Legends of golden hills the fancy please,
Mountain Moloy: On Virtue

Let the reciter bow down to Naraian
Udyoga Parva. Canto One (the first version)

Lighting small lamps and in a little room...
Songs of the Sea. 32 / Chittaranjan Das

Like shadows of the afternoon and morn
Two Kinds of Friendship: On the Wicked

Line not with these dark rings thy bright eyes ever!...
Nindu Babu. 2

Lo, as a ball that, by the player’s palm
The Ball: On Firmness

Lo, the moon who gives to healing herbs their virtue, nectar’s home,
Fate: Miscellaneous Verses

Lolita, say...
Horu Thakur. 2

Long gazing on this dawn and restless sea...
Songs of the Sea. 3 / Chittaranjan Das

Look, Lolita, the stream one loves so...
Horu Thakur. 3

Lotus bosom, lotus feet...
Songs of Bidyapati. 31

Loud in their gladness and their lust of fight
The Slaying of Dhumraksha

Love, but my words are vain as air!...

Low minds enough there are who only care
The Rarity of the Altruist: Miscellaneous Verses

Low on her radiant forehead shone...
Songs of Bidyapati. 18. Alterantive version


Me whom the purple mead that Bromius owns
On A Satyr and Sleeping Love / By Plato (V-IV B.C.)

Men cherish burning anger in their hearts,
Comparisons: On Wisdom

Men highly placed by six good gifts are high
The Uses of High Standing: On Wealth

More hard the heart of woman is to seize
Woman’s Heart: Miscellaneous Verses

Mother Durga! Rider on the lion, giver of all strength...
Hymn to Durga

Mother, I bow to thee!
Hymn to the Mother = Bande Mataram

My brother, exalt thyself though in o’erthrow!
Magnanimity: On Pride and Heroism

My eyes are lost in thine as in great rivers...
Nindu Babu. 5

My heart wings restless with this music’s pain...
Songs of the Sea. 11 / Chittaranjan Das

My sleepless midnight thou hast filled indeed...
Songs of the Sea. 31 / Chittaranjan Das


Nature, not age is the high spirit’s cause
Age and Genius: On Pride and Heroism

Nay, is there any in this world who soon
Gaster Anaides: Miscellaneous Verses

Nay, nay, let be! O not today that sound...
Songs of the Sea. 28 / Chittaranjan Das

Nay, thou wilt find sweet oil in the sea-sands,
On the Same: On Fools and Folly

Nay, though thy absence was a tardy fire...
Nindu Babu. 12

Neat-herdess, my star!...
Jnanadas. 5

None is awake in all the world but I...
Songs of the Sea. 25 / Chittaranjan Das

Now and again a sidelong look...
Songs of Bidyapati. 3

Now lilies blow upon the windy height,
A Rose of Women  / By Meleager (I c. B.C.)


O beauty meant all hearts to move!...
Jnanadas. 1

O by long prayer, by hard attempt have bloomed two flowers, thy eyes...
Songs of the Sea. 37 / Chittaranjan Das

O child of the immortal mountains hoar,
Mainak: On Pride and Heroism

O Cuckoo that peckest at the blossomed...
To the Cuckoo / By Andal (VIII cent.)

O fondly hast thou loved, thyself deceiving...
Horu Thakur. 5

O friend, my friend, has pain a farther bound...
Songs of Bidyapati. 14

O happy day that to mine eyes betrayed...
Songs of Bidyapati. 23. Alterantive version

O happy day that to mine eyes betrayed...
Songs of Bidyapati. 23

O heart, my heart, a heavy pain is thine!...
Radha’s Complaint in Absence

O high stark Death, ascetic proud and free...
Songs of the Sea. 18 / Chittaranjan Das

O life is sweet but youth more bright...
Songs of Bidyapati. 30

O loud blind conqueror, stay thy furious car...
Songs of the Sea. 19 / Chittaranjan Das

O my Lesbia, let us live for loving,
To Lesbia  / By Catullus (I c. B.C.)

O now today like a too brilliant dream...
Songs of the Sea. 13 / Chittaranjan Das

O painter, thou thy marvellous art didst use...
Songs of the Sea. 12 / Chittaranjan Das

O rain-lark, rain-lark, flitting near the cloud,
To the Rain-lark: On Wealth

O thou inspired by a far effulgence,
Uma / By Dilip Kumar Roy (1897-1980)

O thou unhoped-for elusive wonder of the skies...
Songs of the Sea. 1 / Chittaranjan Das

O today in heaven there rings high a mournful strain...
Songs of the Sea. 22 / Chittaranjan Das

O  love, what more shall I, shall Radha speak...
Radha’s Appeal

Often she lies, wears sometimes brow of truth,
Policy: On Wealth

On his wide hood as on a painted shield
The Motion of Giants: On Pride and Heroism

One cloak on ignorance absolutely fits;
Folly’s Wisdom: On Fools and Folly

One cloak on ignorance absolutely fits;
Obstinacy in Vice: On Fools and Folly


Playing she plays not, so newly shy...
Songs of Bidyapati. 5


Rare are the hearts that for another’s joy
The Abomination of Wickedness: On Virtue

Renounce thy vain attempt, presumptuous man,
Man’s Will: Miscellaneous Verses

Rich in sweet loving words, in harshness poor,
A Rarity: Miscellaneous Verses


Safe is the man good deeds forgotten claim,
Protection from behind the Veil: On Karma

Scorn not the man of knowledge to whose eyes
The Man of Knowledge: On Wisdom

Season of honey when sweets combine...
Songs of Bidyapati. 38

Seated, she caresses Earth and cries,...
Love-Mad / By Nammalwar (IX cent.)

Serve thou the wise and good, covet their speech
The Words of the Wise: Miscellaneous Verses

Seven griefs are as seven daggers in my heart,–
Seven Griefs: On the Wicked

Seven mountains, eight proud elephants, the Snake,
The Waverer: Miscellaneous Verses

She looked on me a little, then...
Songs of Bidyapati. 25

She with whom all my thoughts dwell, is averse,–
Love’s Folly: On Fools and Folly

She. For love of thee I gave all life’s best treasures....
Jnanadas. 4

Since thou hast called me, see that I
Since thou hast called me / By Sahana (1897-1990)

Sing to me, Muse, of the man many-counselled...
Odyssey / By Homer

Sleep, sleep through clouded moons, O sea, at last...
Songs of the Sea. 23 / Chittaranjan Das

Some from high action through base fear refrain;
Great and Meaner Spirits: On Wisdom

Some minds there are to Art and Beauty dead,
Bodies without Mind: On Fools and Folly

Sometimes the gods build up a very man
The Follies of Fate: On Fate

Still in the highways wake nor dream...
Songs of Bidyapati. 35

Sweet and strange as ‘twere a dream...
Songs of Bidyapati. 13

Sweet, gaze not always on thine own face in the mirror...
Nindu Babu. 6


That at thy door proud-necked the high-foaming steeds
The Roots of Enjoyment: Miscellaneous Verses

That man whose soul bright beauty cannot pierce
The Conqueror: Miscellaneous Verses

The actions of our former life control
Fate and Freewill: On Fate

The best of the year has come, the Spring...
Songs of Bidyapati. 36

The bloom of natural goodness like a flower
The Power of Goodness: Miscellaneous Verses

The crystal hath no sense disgrace to know,
Noble Resentment: On Pride and Heroism

The day is filled with clouds and dusk and grey...
Songs of the Sea. 14 / Chittaranjan Das

The dog may servile fawn upon the hand
A Contrast: On Pride and Heroism

The dog upon a meatless bone and lank
Pride of Littleness: On Fools and Folly

The dog with a poor bone is satisfied,
The Way of the Lion: On Pride and Heroism

The flute of dawn has rung out on the sea...
Songs of the Sea. 4 / Chittaranjan Das

The great heaven have no voice, the world is lying still...
Songs of the Sea. 36 / Chittaranjan Das

The hand needs not a bracelet for its pride,
Adornment: On Virtue

The King of kings has made you a king,
King and Devotee / By Nishikanto (1909-1973)

The light of the young dawn round every limb...
Songs of the Sea. 21 / Chittaranjan Das

The manèd lion, first of kingly names,
Lion-Heart: On Pride and Heroism

The maned steeds in the mountain glen for fear...
Songs of Bidyapati. 16

The moonwhite maiden from her bath...
Songs of Bidyapati. 21

The One who is Almighty, he who showers
Malavica and the King: A Play by Kalidasa in Five Acts (Rough Draft)

The spring is here, sweet friend, the spring is here...
Nindu Babu. 10

The sun has not yet risen. Luring night...
Songs of the Sea. 26 / Chittaranjan Das

The sunbeams fall and kiss thy lips and gleam...
Songs of the Sea. 27 / Chittaranjan Das

The tree once pruned shall seek again the skies,
The Self-Reliance of the Wise: On Firmness

The world goes round and, as returns the wheel,
The Wheel of Life: On Pride and Heroism

The world teems miracles, breeds grandest things,
Magnanimity: Miscellaneous Verses

Their bitterest enemy in their bodies pent
Work and Idleness: On Firmness

Then with a far reverberating sound
Speech of Dussaruth to the Assembled States - General of His Empire

Then, possessing his soul, Rama entered the great forest
The Book of the Wild Forest

There is no absoluteness in objects. See
Circumstance: On Wealth

These things are deaths, ill-counsel ruining kings,
Two Kinds of Loss: On Wealth

This is not now the lyre’s melodious stream...
Songs of the Sea. 16 / Chittaranjan Das

This noble earth, this place for glorious deeds
Misuse of Life: On Karma

This shore and that shore, - I am tired, they pall...
Songs of the Sea. 40 / Chittaranjan Das

Thou hast come back, O Lord! this soul, thy sky...
Songs of the Sea. 20 / Chittaranjan Das

Though thou shouldst not spare me the anguish...
Refuge / By Kulasekhara Alwar

Three final roads wealth takes and only three,
The Triple Way of Wealth: On Wealth

Three things are faithful to their place decreed,–
Natural Qualities: Miscellaneous Verses

Thus is the good friend pictured by the pens
The Good Friend: On Virtue

Thy youth is but a noon, of night take heed,–

’Tis glory, glory, glory! For Life’s hard curse has expired;...
Hymn of the Golden Age / By Nammalwar (IX cent.)

’Tis more than earrings when the ear inclines
Wealth of Kindness: On Virtue

’Tis night and very timid my little love...
Songs of Bidyapati. 33

To give in secret as beneath a shroud;
The High and Difficult Road: On Virtue

To the calm Light inviolable all hail

Today the heavens are sealed with clouds and blind...
Songs of the Sea. 15 / Chittaranjan Das

Toiler ascetic, who with passionate breath
The Strength of Simple Goodness: On Karma

Touched by one hero’s tread how vibrating
The Hero’s Touch: Miscellaneous Verses

Trust not thy innocence, nor say, “No foe
Natural Enmities: On the Wicked

Two fates alone strong haughty minds endure,
Aut Caesar aut Nullus: On Pride and Heroism

Tyrants have neither kin nor lover. Fire
The Friendship of Tyrants: On the Wicked


Unhonoured in a State when poets dwell
Poets and Princes: On Wisdom

Upon a thorn when the flowers bloom...
Songs of Bidyapati. 26

Upon what bosom shall I lay my bliss...
Songs of the Sea. 5 / Chittaranjan Das


Victory is his on earth or Paradise,
Fame’s Sufficiency: Miscellaneous Verses

Victory’s a harlot full of glorious lust
The Splendid Harlot: Miscellaneous Verses


What are these wheels whose sudden thunder...
Horu Thakur. 6

What can the extreme wrath of hostile Fate?
Fate and Wisdom: On Wisdom

What else have I to give thee? I have yielded...
Nindu Babu. 4

What is an ornament? Courtesy in high place,
Ornaments: On Firmness

What is clear profit? Meeting with good men.
Definitions: Miscellaneous Verses

What is this play thou playest with my life...
Songs of the Sea. 10 / Chittaranjan Das

What the Creator on thy forehead traced
Remonstrance with the Suppliant: On Wealth

What years, what clime, what dim and distant shore...
Songs of the Sea. 30 / Chittaranjan Das

Whatever most the soul on earth desires,
Rarities: On Wisdom

Whatever most the soul on earth desires,
The Conquests of Sovereign Poetry: On Wisdom

When I was with a little knowledge cursed,
A Little Knowledge: On Fools and Folly

When on the desert-bramble’s boughs you find
The Script of Fate: On Fate

When the hour of twilight its period kept...
Songs of Bidyapati. 29

When the young warm Love her heart doth fill...
Songs of Bidyapati. 32

When thy enormous wind has filled my breast...
Songs of the Sea. 17 / Chittaranjan Das

Where have I seen thee? where have clasped thy hand...
Songs of the Sea. 24 / Chittaranjan Das

Wherever her twin fair feet found room...
Songs of Bidyapati. 27

Who is this with smearèd limbs...
Horu Thakur. 1

Who would not honour good men and revere
The Ways of the Good: On Virtue

Whom shall men worship? The high Gods? But they
Action be Man’s God: On Karma

Whose days to neither charity nor thought
The Human Herd: On Fools and Folly

Why fell her face upon my sight...
Songs of Bidyapati. 17

Why gazing in the glass I stand nor move...
Nindu Babu. 7

With store of noble deeds who here arrives,
Flowers from a Hidden Root: On Karma


Ye others cannot conceive of the love...
Ye Others / By Andal (VIII cent.)

Yea, how this high sun burns that was so low,
The Upstart: On the Wicked

You opulent clouds that in high heavens ride,
The Rain-lark to the Cloud: On Wealth

You rose in India, O glorious in contemplation, O Sun,
The New Creator / By Aruna (1895-1993)

Your gleaming palaces of brilliant stone,
The Transience of Worldly Rewards: Miscellaneous Verses