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Sri Aurobindo

Archives and Research

a biannual journal

April 1977

Volume I; No 1

Hymns to Soma1

Rig-veda Mandala 9, Suktas 43-50


1. This with the Words let us clothe, this that appears as a life-movement cleansed pure of soil, by Light, for Rapture.

2. This all our words that seek the being's growth make glad as of old, delight for the Mind to drink.

3. Purifying its streams bright rejoicing moves this Bliss perfected by the Words from Medhyatithi's luminous mind.

4. O pure-flowing Wine, win for us a felicity, O Lord of delight, entirely glorious and thousand-energied in its brilliant power.

5. Joy neighs aloud in the sheath of its purifying like the Horse that gallops towards plenty, when desiring the godhead it flows through it and beyond.

6. Stream pure towards the winning of our plenty, towards the increase of the illumined who declares thee; O Joy, enrich him with an utter force.


1. Towards a vast formation, O Joy, thou bearest us forward like the sea bearing forward a wave; thou movest becoming Ayasya towards the gods.

2. Clasped in the mentality, made firm by the understanding Joy is impelled towards the supreme and holds seerhood by the illumined mind.

3. It is this that is awake in the gods and it comes pressed from them into the sheath of the purifying, Delight in his movement accomplishing every work.

4. So do thou flow pure for us desiring the plenty, effecting a shining sacrifice. Thee man on his fullness places, on all his seats.

5. May its energy be utterly displayed, may this be ever increasing for the Lord who enjoys and the Lord in the vitality, may Delight labour controlling all in the gods.

6. Today for possession of the soul's substance, do thou, finder of the will, discoverer of the Way, conquer for us the plenitude, yea, the inspiration vast.


1. Stream pure for our rapture with the soul's strong vision that the godhead may be manifest in us, O Delight for the mind to drink.

2. Arrive at the goal of thy embassy; let the god in the mind be satisfied; arrive for thy lovers to the godhead, arrive to the highest good.

3. Ruddy art thou and we will adorn thee with the illuminations of the light for ecstasy. Open wide for us the gates to Bliss.

4. He has flowed beyond the sheath of the purifying, he is the Steed of Power that flings in its strength its yoke behind on the road. Delight gallops towards the gods.

5. To him his lovers cry aloud as beyond the senses he sports in the woodlands of his delight. For the lord of the sweetness they yearn who raise the song.

6. Flow in that pure stream of thine by which when men drink of it thou givest them perfect vision. O Joy of God, for him who affirms thee an utter strength.


1. Like horses that galop and do swiftly their work they are loosed in their race tor the manifesting of the gods, they stream, they increase our...2 formations.

2. Powers of sweetness perfected, adorned like a woman by her father's clan; the outpourings of bliss join and cleave to the vital god.

3. Lo these outpourings of the delight and the sweetness full of the love and pleasure are poured into their vessels and increase the power in the mind by works.

4. O ye bright Energies run and with strong hands seize Soma's soul-upheaving ecstasies; join his rapture with your rays.

5. So stream pure, O winner of wealth, enforcer2 for us of the vast treasure of felicity, O Joy, find for us the heavenly path.

6. The ten who impel cleanse this that has to be cleansed, flowing into purity, for the god in the Mind an intoxicating wine.


1. Lo, by this perfect working Bliss that was great, has increased; full of its own intoxication it aspires upward in its abundance and its mastery.

2. All that it has done and all that it shall do becomes conscious in it by the beating down of all that opposes, doing2 violence, it accumulates its gains of active Truth.

3. May this Bliss become ...3 and essence of the Power of

mind, even its electric force and win us our full thousand, now that its self-expression is born.

4. For, seer of the Truth in the man who holds it of itself it claims the Delight for his illumined mind when its thoughts become clear and bright.

5. Thou art he who in the bringings, in the manifold plenty for the conquerors winnest possession of the felicities even as of these labouring powers.


1. Thou art that which brings to the seats of our fulfilment the mights of the Great Heaven and we seek thee in the beauty of thy brightness by perfection in our works.

2. Thee rapturous, entirely energised and its violent expressions, vast, with its motion of the snake, breaking open for us our hundred cities.

3. Thence let the Bird of painless delight bring Thee to be king of our heavens, O perfect in will, towards felicity.

4. Him let the Bird bring who for every one that has vision of the luminous heavens is their common possession, transgressor of the lower Light, guardian of the Truth.

5. Now driving forward he attains to a greater largeness of the Power in the mind, effects his possession of our energies and accomplishes all our endeavour.


1. Stream down utterly on us thy rain, even the whole wave of the waters from all heaven; undecaying stream down those vast impulsions.

2. Flow pure in that stream by which the herds of the Light come hither to this our house, they that bring4 to the creature Delight.

3. The rich-offering stream down on us in that stream in the sacrifices and manifest entirely the godhead; stream on us the Rain.

4. For Force race abroad in thy stream over all the sense-life where thou art purified; let the gods in us hear indeed.

5. Let Bliss purifying itself in its streams flow upon us beating away the giant devourers, illumining in us all luminousnesses with that pristine Light.


1. Upward mount thy strengths and their voice is as the sound of the waves of the ocean of being. Urge the wheel of the wain.

2. In thy pouring forth, when thou movest on the plane of the Sense, the three Words in us mount upward desiring their plenitude.

3. In the veiling of the sense they with the stones of the pressing send racing the Beloved and the Brilliant pure-flowing from whom sweetness rains.

4. Flow in thy stream into the place of the purifying, O complete in ecstasy, O Seer, there to take thy seat where our illumination is born.

5. So stream, O utter ecstasy, brightening thyself with the rays of the Light, with its active beams, O Lord of sweetness, that of thee the Mind may drink.


1 These hymns were translated in Pondicherry in 1915.


2 One illegible word


3 Reading uncertain


4 Reading uncertain.