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Sri Aurobindo

Archives and Research

a biannual journal

April 1977

Volume I; No 1

On Sadhana and Telepathy: A Letter

I am enclosing herewith two cards for your perusal and return, marked as (a) and (b). bearing the same date 21st September 1932. In (a) my friend asks me about my welfare... and in (b) I reply that I am all right, he need not be anxious, as marked. The card (a) seen with a magnifying glass at the place marked will show the date 21 Sept. 32 stamped at K and the date 21st Sept. 1932 has been underlined in (b) at the top. I got this letter back, sent from K afterwards in a separate envelope. On the 21st September 1932, I sat quietly in the afternoon for some time, then I felt that my friend was growing anxious of me, so I should write him and I wrote accordingly a little after on the very same day.

Now I wish to learn whether such a cross-letter is a mere accident or has some rule behind it. In the latter case, a throwing of light on the rule is solicited.

What you are doing is entirely the right thing and nothing more is needed. The peace you feel is the basis, the foundation for the transformation; all the rest will be built on it. To open to the Divine Forces with a quiet and strong aspiration, to become conscious of their working, to allow quietly that working and calmly to contain it, seconding it with one's aspiration, getting more and more knowledge and understanding of what is being done as one goes on this is the sound and natural way of the Yoga.

The thing that happened about the postcards is not at all an accident,1 it is a normal happening and occurs very frequently even in ordinary life, but people do not notice it or do not give any value to it, dismissing it perhaps as an accident or coincidence. It is called telepathy in English nowadays that is, to feel at a distance the thought, sentiment or experience (some event or reaction to an event) of another. There are people nowadays in the West who practice thought exchange at a distance. When the Yogic consciousness develops, this kind of telepathic knowledge becomes much more conscious and frequent and can be organised into a habitual action and well-controlled instrumentation of the consciousness, a normal activity of the nature.

10 November 1932